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Submitted by: killleo

Submitted by: killleo

so glad to have found something like this cuz i always wanted a way to thank the band for making such a great album. i vividly remember first hearing “boyfriend” at our favorite bar (which is random cuz the jukebox was always playing 80s shit) and thinking it was aisler’s set, googling it and finding out it was some band called best coast.

was at the record store the next day and picked up the album. i actually remember the date too, it was december 19th, because i had taken some extra time off from work because my family dog was dying of cancer after 15 years and it didn’t seem like she had much longer to live. i’m a 25 year old guy who 99% of the time listens to shit like jadakiss and t.i. but the album had such a great vibe and such beautiful songs. for the next four days i just sat in the basement, listening to the album on repeat playing video games but mostly just petting my sick dog. like seriously on repeat, by the end of the week the whole album occupied the top slots of my itunes most played. my dog died on the 23rd and it was a really sad christmas, and i know this is sounding mega emo but anyone who’s loved a pet understands this; and seriously the album really helped me get through losing my best friend of 15 years. anytime i listen to the album now i always think about how lucky we were to have each other and it’s very consoling.

the songs obviously kick ass on a basic level, but they also have an emotional resonance that we all can understand. thank you guys so much.





What can I say? They’re the greatest band ever to exist! They’re from L.A, I’m from L.A. They love cats, I love cats. They love boys, I love boys. ;) Best Coast is a perfect band. I’m so happy I discovered them. I actually found out about Best Coast because of Rivers Cuomo. I saw him tweeting Beth on Twitter and I clicked on the infamous @bestycoastyy and I ended up finding the best band in the world. No wonder the word “Best” is in the title, because obviously, they are the best! :) BC 4eva <3

- Mandy 



thank you best coast

words cant even describe how much best coast means to me. i’m pretty sure they’ve changed my life musically and just in general. i heard about them around the time of fyf and although i didnt go to fyf i saw them at the music box, pasadena, and getty. :3 something about best coast in general is so special, how their music can make me feel so proud of living in los angeles and of the beach and the beauty of california. I met bethany at make music and before that i already had so much respect for her but upon meeting her idk, i was just so grateful to have the chance to tell her how much she inspires me as a person for being herself and her fashion taste too hehe, as well as to stop putting on make up, even if it was embarrassing that i was almost sobbing :3 i also want to thank ali for being so kind and sweet and telling beth i was waiting for her, and how great of a drummer she is. bob as well for all his metalness :3 best coast has become one of those bands i can listen to at anytime of the day and for as long as i live i’m so thankful to have had the chance to experience them live. i really hope someday everyone is able to see them live as well. thank you bethany, ali, and bob for being in a band that brings happiness to me whenever i listen to your music and for making an impact on my life. :3


Crazy For You Party!!!!! (submission)

Well I’m Brianna, i live in San Antonio,TX and I just wanna get out there that Best Coast is probably one of my favorite-est bands in the entire universe!!!!! <333 When I first heard When I’m With You a few years ago, I was hooked.

The Crazy For You album means alot to me for one because it reminds me of California and how much I miss it and imagine being there right now. It gets me in this sunny kind of mood,where i’m just free and happy,and i enjoy that :) I’ve been to Cali twice and im already homesick for it,even though I don’t live there! ha Also, the album means alot to me cause Beth has became an idol to me. I play guitar and so I admire her voice,music,skills,fashion,and attitude towards everything. What an influence! :)

The group as a whole though are just as badass though,and I wanna THANK THEM SO MUCHHHHHH for creating this fine album and making the soundtrack for days when I’m riding in my car and it’s sunny out and I’m just in a swell mood :) love them all!

And my favorite song on CFY is all of them!!!!!!!! :D its so hard to choose which but i’d probably have to say “I Want You” is my fav song cause i love the feel of it,the sound,and the end of the song just makes it fun to bop your head to :) <3

I would take a pic of the CFY album and me but i dont have one :I i bought the album on itunes instead lol

But yes,this is my submission! Tell Beth and the others about it! :) lol

P.S. One of my dreams is to see Best Coast live and i live in San Antonio and no one ever comes here…I just wish I could see them!! I want them to come to San Antonio :D or at least somewhere in Texas again,i’ll go wherever.


I Want To

The 1st time I saw Best Coast was in Tallahassee on the Summer Is Forever Tour w/Wavves earlier this year. Wavves was on first and were the main reason for my attendance. I wanted to chill with them and smoke some blunts I snuck into the venue but they needed some time after their set.

I was into Best Coast but had heard some mixed things about the live show. They started with ‘Crazy For You’ and the place went nuts. It was on FSU campus but the whole scene seemed to be straight out of a High School Prom dance in a too-good-to-be-true unmade John Hughes movie. I mean that in the most positive way.

Everyone was swaying and jiving to the music but I had to leave after 4 songs to go smoke. When I came back into the venue Best Coast had just started ‘I Want To’, one of my favorites. I was ripped out of my mind and the place turned into a huge circle pit when the drums pick up at the end.It was unreal.

They played 2 new songs ‘When You Wake Up’ and ‘Sunny Adventure’ and even though people weren’t yelling every word the energy never dipped. I will also never forget watching drunk frat bros pogo-ing around yelling along to “Ever since I was a liiiitle giiiirl, my mama always told me there’d be booooys liiiike you!” hahahaha. So much energy and so many good vibes.

They ended with ‘Each and Every Day’ and Bethany fell off her amp at the end! It was pretty funny, but looked like it hurt a lil :/ Bobb’s guitar was spot on and Ali was just perfect. I wish I had seen the whole show but I got to see them at Bonnaroo as well which was just as good.

After seeing Best Coast twice this year I went from a casual fan to searching for some of the first couple 7 inches and looking into the members back catalogs. The music just puts everyone in a good mood and even if people don’t like it at first they eventually cave and admit they are at least a guilty pleasure later on haha. The songwriting is genuine and they all have the chops to deliver live, what more could you want? I haven’t heard a bad Best Coast song yet.


Best Coast at Bonnaroo this summer. Hard to believe Crazy for You has been around a year now. This cd hasn&#8217;t left my cd player in the car or my ipod since the first time I listened to it. Thank you for the amazing music!
Submitted by- amandaarms

Best Coast at Bonnaroo this summer. Hard to believe Crazy for You has been around a year now. This cd hasn’t left my cd player in the car or my ipod since the first time I listened to it. Thank you for the amazing music!

Submitted by- amandaarms

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